Bradford Garrett Group (BGG) is an independent business risk consultancy providing services globally. Since its foundation, Bradford Garrett Group has worked in over 20 countries for U.S. Fortune 100 companies. Our clients include national and multinational corporations in a variety of industry and service sectors.

The company provides services in five core areas: crisis and security management, investigations, policy and procedure development, IT security investigations, post incident response, and information analysis. Additionally, we regularly perform consulting engagements for project leaders, insurers, and law firms.  The Bradford Garrett Group client base includes Fortune 100 companies and institutions with specialty experience within the following industry sectors:

  • Food manufacturing and distribution
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution
  • Insurance
  • Oil, gas and LNG (upstream and downstream)
  • Armored Transport
  • Agriculture
  • Consulting for corporate centers and business parks
  • Special Events (B o D/Product Rollout/Sales/Incentive)
  • Litigation Support
  • Education/Academia
  • Warehousing Distribution/Supply Chain/3PL
  • Real Estate Development

The company has consulting staff with backgrounds including academia, intelligence, analysis, military, law enforcement, technical, legal and forensics.  Bradford Garrett Group has provided service to its clients throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Bradford Garrett Group enables its clients to succeed whether in complex or hostile business environments.

Bradford Garrett Group provides its clients dedicated resources and global reach reflecting our client’s international needs and requirements. Bradford Garrett Group provides its clients turnkey global projects managed by dedicated staff at a location of the client’s choosing. In order to deliver these projects Bradford Garrett Group utilizes resources of dedicated subject matter experts and contract professionals from varied backgrounds, including academia, intelligence, research and analysis, military, law enforcement, technical disciplines, accountancy, legal and forensics.