Bradford Garrett Group provides consultation and expert witness service to client company legal staff and their law firms providing representation in matters of security adequacy, foreseeability, operations, negligence, and procedural issues.  We will assign a highly qualified court recognized expert to consult with legal staff in order to develop case strategy and render opinions.

Managing Director Ronald Hauri has served as an expert witness providing testimony and consultation for both plaintiff and defendant counsel in areas of security adequacy and negligence; forseeability;  police procedures and conduct; negligent hiring, supervision, training, and retention; premises liability; fraud, wrongful death; investigations; crisis management; and corporate liability.

Professional experience was gained in the industry sectors of oil and gas, real estate, special events, hotel and lodging, hospitality, armored transport/cash in transit, supply chain, distribution and warehousing, insurance, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, heavy manufacturing as well as public safety.